A Complete Guide to Candle Jar Types

A Complete Guide to Candle Jar Types

A Complete Guide to Candle Jar Types
The use of candles, especially scented candles, is popular right now, which means higher demand. As a candle manufacturer or brand, getting the right candle jar is the first step in providing quality assurance to your customers.
Jars come in different shapes, sizes and applications. Some jars were originally used to store candy, cookies or lemonade, but these jars are often repurposed for candle making. This is unsafe because there are jars specifically designed to hold candles.
In this article, the types of candle jars and the necessary factors to consider when purchasing candle jars will be discussed.

Glass candle jar

Glass candle jars are one of the common types of candle jars used in candle making. They feature unique, smooth rounded edges and are designed in detailed shapes. Glass candle jars are usually square or round in shape with a balanced base bottom. Available in different sizes. There are 100 ml jars, 150 ml, 250 ml, 350 ml and 500 ml glass candle jars.
Glass jars made specifically for candles should be smooth, non-porous and thick so as not to break easily. They are designed to be strong enough to withstand the pressure of the candle's heat. Typically, glass candle jars can withstand temperatures of up to 250⁰ Fahrenheit. Lids are usually made of glass, tinplate, aluminum and cork.
Using high quality glass candle jars ensures that the product stands out on store shelves. That's why most famous candle brands prefer glass candle containers. yankee Candle designs and delivers quality candles with fine glass candle jars. The glass component is designed to ensure that you have a clear jar, which will help showcase the candle's texture and natural color as clearly as possible, making them aesthetically more appealing to buyers.
If desired, the glass candle jar can also be available in different colors such as black, gray and the more popular amber glass jar that exudes a classic and vintage look. It also has enough space on the side for product labels and instructions.
However, not all candle glass containers are safe. For candles made of glass, the material should be thick and smooth enough to withstand the pressure of the candle flame and hot wax without breaking.
It is not uncommon to use glass vases, old glasses and other glass containers used for decorative purposes to make candles. This should be avoided as these items are not designed to be as effective as glass candles. 
The ideal glass container for candles does not contain the organic compound Bisphenol A and should also be lead free and corrosion resistant. This is to ensure that these glass jars are absolutely food grade and safe, as the end consumer tends to use their glass jars for purposes other than preserving candles.

a. These glass candy jars are so strong and thick that you don't have to worry about customers complaining about breakage.
b. Glass candy jars are a big seller
c. They can be easily repurposed for other uses because they are BPA free and lead free.
d. They are perfect for displaying candles on a shelf.

Glass candle jars are fragile, so they should be handled with care.

Metal candle containers

Metal or tin cans for candles are among the most sought-after products. This is because of their ease of use, affordability and versatility. Metal candle containers are a popular trend among candle manufacturers. These types of candle containers provide manufacturers with more versatility than other types can offer. 
Candle jars usually come in different sizes, the smallest being the 4 ounce candle jar. It also has a lid that is made of metal and is available in different colors and sizes.
There are various reasons why candle makers should use metal candle containers. One of them is that metal containers are very inexpensive. It is for this reason that metal candle containers are popular among novice candle makers.
In addition, metal candle containers are versatile. Once the wax is melted, the metal container can be reused for anything (at least everything except food). 
Using metal containers for candles ensures that your product will be preserved under optimal conditions for a long time, just as it was just after production. Candles made in metal containers with tight fitting lids can store fragrance and aroma for a long period of time. As a candle making brand, you don't have to worry that your product will depreciate in value while waiting on store shelves.
They are a great choice for beginners in the candle making industry. This is because, unlike glass candle jars, metal candle containers do not make the wax visible. Errors in the candle production process such as uneven pores and candle frosting are hidden to ensure that the candle looks just as good.

a. They are cheap
b.The lid is closed very tightly

a.Dents will appear if mishandled
b.Scratches are permanent

Aluminum candle jar

These candle containers are common among experienced candle making brands and beginners alike, even those who make them just for fun. Aluminum candle jars are not transparent, so unlike glass candle jars, the wax is not visible through the container.
Aluminum candle jars are especially good for packaging gel candles, scented candles, and soy candles because the frosted surface is perfectly hidden. One of the reasons why this candle container is popular among beginners and professionals alike is that it is very inexpensive. It is one of the cheapest jars that new candle brands can get their hands on.
Aluminum candle jars are very durable. They are a good choice for long distance shipping because they always arrive intact. Another reuse value is its utility as food storage. Aluminum candle jars are safe to use for food; they are perfect for storing spices because their airtight lids lock in the scent.
Aluminum cans come in different colors, sizes and shapes. There are flat aluminum candle jars and deep dish aluminum candle jars. Sizes range from 1 ounce to 16 ounces. Popular colors used by candle makers are gold, silver, black and gray.
These candle tins come with rolled edge lids and screw on lids so buyers do not have to worry about purchasing separate tin lids.

a.Aluminum candle jars are very affordable.
b.They are easy to transport globally and over long distances.
c.Aluminum candle times are non-porous and virtually leak-free.
d.They can be recycled and reused.
e.They are suitable for various candle collections and perfumes.
f. They do not break.

If roughly squeezed or packed, the aluminum cans may dent.

Ceramic Candle Jar

Ceramic candle jars are superior to other candle jar types in terms of beauty and aesthetics. The candles in these containers are a beautiful accent to any space, and they complement almost any interior decorating style. Ceramic candle jars are perfect for a variety of luxurious, natural and even hygienic applications. They are suitable for both basic and quirky designs.
These candle jars are built to last. Even after the candles are extinguished, ceramic containers can be reused as bookshelf decorations, storage containers, desk utensil holders, or even planters for succulents.
The handmade, rustic and natural feel of pottery has made ceramic candle jars popular among jar collectors and artisans. Ceramic candle jars are available in the shape of an uncrossed jar, a Nordic ceramic uncrossed jar, a straight-sided circle and a vase shape.
However, these jars tend to be porous, making it necessary to find the best candle jar manufacturer. Since almost all ceramic candle jars are handmade, aesthetics are guaranteed, but they are not porosity-free.
Note: Ceramics can burn, so it is important to only purchase candle jars with wide enough edges that the flames will not come close.

a. Ceramic candle jars are most beautiful because of their aesthetic.
b. They are versatile.
c. Ceramic jars are suitable for all environments, including homes, offices and outdoors.

a. Using poor quality ceramic containers means your candle jars will be porous.
b. They cannot withstand too much heat pressure.

Concrete candle jars/concrete candle containers

Cement candle jars or cement candle containers are made of sulforaphane, an environmentally friendly cement that focuses on reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This key ingredient explains the sturdiness of these jars.
These jars and candle containers are made of cement hand polished and machine blended to give them a consistent shape and a very smooth surface to the touch. 
The cement candle containers are very strong, even more so than other types of candle jars. In addition, they are durable and very safe for indoor and outdoor use. They are suitable for a wide range of candle lines.
One of the main reasons for storing concrete/cement candle containers is because the cement material is very heat and fire resistant. Consequently, concrete jars are very reliable and safe candle containers. 
They come in every conceivable round, square and solid shape and in a variety of sizes. This type of jar can also be easily painted over, making it a great choice for art lovers candle makers.
The exterior of concrete candle jars is usually unpolished, this is because it helps to maintain the original and industrial look. On the other hand, the interior is usually sealed to protect the candle wax from the concrete and the scent from leaking out.
Concrete candle containers come with matching lids. This ensures that the scent in the candle is locked tightly.

a. These candle containers are very sturdy and not easily damaged.
b. Depending on their size, they can be easily reused as home decorations or plant vases.
c. Heat resistant.

a. They can be porous
b. Cements can react to certain types of fragrances and may change the color of the container.

Candle jar inspection
When inspecting candle jars, many factors should be considered to avoid purchasing materials that are not worth the cost, as this can affect your brand. The following are some things to keep in mind during the candle jar inspection.

If a candle jar is leaking, there is already a problem. If you do not check the candle jars to be used for leaks, you may end up having to deal with spilled candle wax during the production process, which is not a good idea. These may slow down the entire production process and general business activities.
Spills can be very frustrating because they can leave wax on workbenches, carpets, etc. Worse yet, leaking candle containers can even cause outbreaks. 
Metal candle containers with seams on the sides or bottom leak most often. Always check for leaks before using the container. To do this, simply pour water into the container and wait to see if it spills. You can even leave it for a few days, as some leaks can be very slow.

Candle jars that can easily ignite and catch fire should be avoided at all costs. This may seem like an obvious rule, but many candle makers often make this mistake, especially when using ceramic candle containers. 
If the ceramic or any other candle type is completely porous, it will be able to soak in the melted wax. This turns into a huge wick that may rise to a huge flame around the top edge of the container, which may eventually erupt into an even bigger flame. 
Any container made of a material that catches fire easily should not be used for making candles.

Cracking is the most common problem in candle jars, especially in ceramic and glass types of jars. Cracking can pose the biggest problem for candle makers.
There are two main problems that can arise from using cracked containers, the first being spillage. When a candle jar breaks, hot wax can spill.
The second is fire outbreak, and in many cases, cracked candle containers are the cause of major fire outbreaks. If a candle container is cracked, the flames may rise several inches high and may come into contact with anything within a few inches of it.

Heat resistance
Candle containers are not industrial equipment, they are more like household materials and therefore should be heat resistant.
When buying candle containers, make sure they are labeled as safe for candle making, it would be bad to use containers that will burn under heat pressure to make candles. Heat-resistant containers such as glass and oven-safe ceramics are ideal for making candles.

How to choose the best candle jars for your brand
The purpose of doing business is to make a profit and break even at the end of the year. This may not be possible without considering the right factors. As a candle manufacturing brand, you must choose the best raw materials, especially jars, to help achieve your goals. These factors should be considered when choosing the best candle jars.

This factor basically applies to everything related to production. As a brand or entrepreneur, launching a quality product is a major goal. For this reason, you must ensure that only the best materials are used for production.
Using the following premium jar materials will result in mediocre candles, dissatisfied customers and ultimately, poor business. 
Also, keep in mind the type of jars you currently need and stock more in those jars.

The volume of the jars used for candle making is one of the most confusing aspects of candle making, especially for beginners. Many novice candle makers think that 8 ounces of wax will fit into an 8 ounce jar. This is far from the truth. Although this may be true if the jar is filled with water.
However, the molecules that make up wax are not as tightly packed as the molecules that make up water, and because of the density of water, wax takes up more space than it does. There are a variety of candle jars on the market that are measured in ounces. 

Candle jars come in different shapes, sizes and styles. The need to store the most popular jars necessitates the storage of all other types and styles of jars. For example, in the glass candle jar category, there are pressed lid glass jars, round frosted glass candle jars, clear glass square jars and clear glass round jars. Tin containers also come in round foot shapes with rolled edges covering the rim. 

Depending on your production budget, different types of candle containers can be used. Metal candle jars are easily one of the most affordable types of candle containers.
For the same affordable reasons, it has become a favorite among novice candle making makers. Glass and ceramic types of candle jars require a larger budget.
A thorough costing should be done prior to the actual acquisition. Please also note that large makers usually give discounts on bulk purchases 

Shipping is an important factor in candle production. After purchase, the candle jars need to be shipped to a factory, warehouse or production center. It is often a challenge to transport the candle jars quickly and safely.
Buying from the right company will make this easier as most candle jar manufacturers offer delivery services to factories and warehouses. Make sure you buy from a company that guarantees quality and timely delivery. In addition, if any item fails in transit, it should be eligible for a refund or change.

Candle jars play a very important role in the production, display and distribution of candles. On average, jar candles burn longer and are safer to use than regular tapers or pillar candles. Another reason for the popularity of candle jars is their ability to retain a strong fragrance. The candle creates a larger pool of wax when it burns, and this pool is warmer, allowing it to emit a strong scent around the space where it is placed.
To achieve these ultimate benefits, candle manufacturers need to use the highest quality candle jars. If you are looking for quality candle jars, please contact us at Aromapacking

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