​​​​​​​Glass cream jar

Glass cream jar
Glass cream jars are perfect for packaging high-end cosmetics such as skin care products, eye creams and moisturizers.Aromapacking offers a variety of bulk cream jars, all of which have different features. We offer different covers such as clear, frosted, white, amber, green and pink. Depending on the design, our cream jars are available in 20g, 30g, 50g and 60g sizes. Our glass cream jars are made with a screw cap design to ensure excellent sealing of the product. They are available in different shapes and special designs, making them both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

If you are looking for wholesale glass cream jars, Aromapacking can offer you a wide range of options to meet your production requirements. Enhance your cosmetic business with our unique and convenient packaging solutions!
​​​​​​​Glass cream jar


​​​​​​​Glass cream jar

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Custom Branding and Packaging

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​​​​​​​Glass cream jar


Packaging Design from Concept to Commercialization

Our team of designer experts handle packaging and design solutions from start to finish to meet any business need. Combining product design and visual branding, they work with you to create the perfect bottle design for your product, along with matching caps and packaging graphics


Turnkey Decoration and Labeling

Our skilled glassblowers collaborate with the design team to bring design concepts to life. Using various decorative techniques such as frosting and painting, they create glass bottles that pop off the shelves and catch the attention of their target market.



Streamlined Cap and Packaging Supply Chain

We reduce the traditionally long manufacturing supply chain by manufacturing most components in-house. Caps are made on site and caps, closures and other accessories are assembled on site to avoid missing parts or mismatched quantities. It also reduces manufacturing time and overall costs by reducing shipping time across multiple warehouses.


Warehousing, Logistics and Inventory Solutions

We provide assistance with inventory management through the use of our ordering system and delivery options. Product starts at a minimum order quantity of 500 bottles and is delivered on time to ensure order fulfillment. We also manage our internal inventory to ensure we have available stock of common products for faster delivery.

Wholesale Glass Cream Jars
Aromapacking has a 20,000 square meter facility equipped with state of the art manufacturing and quality control equipment. With our vast resources, we can produce up to 500,000 glass bottles and glass cream jars per month. With our impressive productivity, we are able to offer wholesale empty cosmetic jars at competitive prices. Other benefits of ordering from Aromapacking include:

#1 Advanced Manufacturing Facilities
Aromapacking has modern manufacturing facilities to ensure that all glass containers are manufactured to their specifications. They go through several manufacturing steps to ensure that they meet or exceed our customers' expectations.
Following the manufacturing process, all of our glass containers are quality managed to avoid sending out defective products.

#2 Warehousing and Logistics Services
In addition to manufacturing wholesale glass cream jars, Aromapacking offers other services, including warehousing and logistics. If you don't have the right space to safely store your glass cream jars, we can help you!
Our warehouse has the space and resources to ensure that all of our customers' orders are stored safely until delivery.

#3 On-time delivery
Since our goal is customer satisfaction, we can assure you that you will receive your order on the estimated delivery date. We have our own company locations and distribution centers to ensure that the delivery process is as smooth as possible. We will also keep you updated throughout the process to ensure that your wholesale beauty containers are safe and in good condition.

Customized Glass Cream Jars
As one of the leading wholesale suppliers of glass cream jars in China, Aromapacking also offers custom glass cream jars for bulk orders. We have a large collection of glass cream jars and we encourage you to browse our website. If you can't find what you're looking for, or if you already have an idea, let us know today! We'll provide you with any help you need to make sure you only get the best glass cream jar for your brand!

Why glass is the perfect material for glass cream jars?
The use of glass cream jars gives your customers an idea of what you expect from your product through the packaging. A sturdy, crystal clear glass jar shows customers the contents to help them choose your product over the competition. Since glass is free of contaminants that can affect the contents, it is a great way to maintain the quality of your product. Glass cream jars are also convenient for consumers because they maximize product to the last drop.
Enhance your brand with glass cream jar design
Effective product branding starts with packaging, and using the high quality glass cream jars we offer is the first step in enhancing your brand. We offer a range of design options for glass cream jars, from simple to sophisticated, so your customers can see what makes you stand out from your competitors. Adding eye-catching and interesting labels to your glass cream jars can further increase brand awareness, leading to better sales.
We provide lids and closures for glass cream jars
No product package would be complete without a lid or closure to hold everything together. Choose from a variety of styles and finishes to complement your glass cream jars, from simple closures with matte finishes to more elaborate caps with gold finishes. Our line of glass cream jar lids and caps are made with lead-free and BPA-free to ensure the purity of your product. Add your label to the closure for stronger brand recognition with every use.