Scented candle jars are all around us, how to identify quality candles?

Scented candle jars are all around us, how to identify quality candles?

1.Selection of high quality wax
3.Delicate and long-lasting fragrance

The number of brands of scented candles, they are many and always decorate the candles with some beautiful scenes and some decorations. Their prices are also getting higher and higher. How can we find the scented candles for scented candle jar we want in a market where prices are always getting higher and more diverse? How to find a candle supplier you trust? There are several criteria to identify a high quality scented candle for scented candle jar. They focus on the raw materials used to make it. Follow our tips to help you make the right choice! Let's face it, if you are new to this market! You can trust us! We will never let you down! With our own independent team and production plant, we design some new candles every year, and we produce products that are definitely to your liking.

1.Selection of high quality wax
The choice of wax seems to be an important criterion. It forms almost the majority of the entire structure of a scented candle and will determine its burning time and fragrance.
Today, there are three different types of waxes on the market. Let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of each method.

(1)Animal Waxes
Nowadays, animal wax consists mainly of beeswax. This wax is more expensive and certainly more cruel than other waxes.
However, it has the advantage of providing good illumination and being smokeless. Medieval clergy and nobles used it exclusively to learn more about the history of candles. When the candle burns, it also releases a faint honey smell, which is not good for scented candles and can cause a mixture of odors. The medieval clergy associated holiness with bees, and their holiness and chastity were central to the Christian faith: Christ and St. Mary. This religious symbol has an extremely important practical meaning, and beeswax has such a symbol.

(2)Plant wax
This wax can be made from several different plants. Soy, rapeseed or palm are still the most commonly used. These vegetable waxes are usually not very refined. It is characterized by its low melting point and slow burning, so it will last a long time, thus extending the life of the candle as a whole. His disadvantage, however, is that the wax may not look very good in appearance, and the overall color will be yellowish and dark. It is generally used for ceremonial occasions and is not very suitable for making scented candles. Of course, soy wax is very good, it is made from hydrogenated vegetable soybean oil, which is a renewable resource, non-toxic and non-black smoke. It can reach a good state of integration with the plant essential oils, and the plant essential oils are very beneficial to the human body, promoting blood circulation, promoting sleep and other effects. There are many environmentally friendly, healthy and creative candles on the market (including us).

(3)Mineral Wax
It is also known as paraffin wax. The petroleum industry extracts oil from hydrocarbons. The quality and quantity of the filters used to improve the purity of the mineral wax ensure optimum safety in use. Of course, there are some black dealers who market candles with only extremely simple treatment, which produce black smoke and can be harmful to the body. Of course, we have high requirements for our candles, and we treat this paraffin wax in multiple steps. Paraffin wax has the advantage of being very stable over time. It burns very well to restore the fragrance of the perfume. In addition, its very smooth appearance adds decorative assets when using this wax. Also, we will choose to mix mineral and vegetable waxes to obtain a very stable wax for optimal diffusion and controlled burning of the perfume.

The quality of the materials used in the wick remains critical. Synthetic wicks can be found in low-end candles. They can even have them chemically treated. Instead, use cotton or wood wicks for increased durability that are not only free of contamination, but also highly decorative. We use cotton wicks and wood wicks that will not leave your home with harmful substances while decorating your beautiful home.

3.Delicate and long-lasting scent
If your scented candle is of good quality, then you should be able to smell it when it gets cold and burns. In addition, the scent must be dispersed in the air for the entire life of the candle, not just for the first few hours.Using essential oils or high quality perfumes will ensure that you enjoy a wonderful alchemy in your home.Perfume is of course the key to scented candles.We work with perfume distributors to use the highest level of fragrance ingredients on the market to ensure that our candles have the most beautiful scents.
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