How to make wholesale custom candle jars for brands?

How to make wholesale custom candle jars for brands?

When we mention a candle, our brain associates an image, a feeling or a smell in less than a second. In fact, certain candle labels may be the first thing that pops into our minds. Something so small could have such a big impact. Outstanding candle packaging is actually the most important component of any branding strategy.
Your candle packaging is the label for your product and your brand. It's a small representation of your brand to your customers - how you communicate your brand concept and image. Not to mention the fact that they will see your candle immediately after they have purchased it. In today's blog, we will discuss how to customise wholesale custom candle jars for your brand.

Get your custom candle container ideas

Most of the time, companies use customised candle tins to package their candles. The jars significantly affect the brand value and credibility of the candles. Candles are popular as gifts and home decor. Your packaging must be different to attract as many customers as possible.

Draws attention to people
Being seen by consumers is probably the most important stage for any brand, as the long-term survival of a business depends entirely on its customer base. You must design the packaging for each wax, taking into account the psychology of your target market. Your candle jars must have a truly attractive and appealing look that your target audience will not be able to resist. Many factors must be taken into account, such as the shape and colour of the candle jar, the candle cup, the container, etc., which may help to improve the appearance of the jar and enhance its aesthetic value.
Your packaging service provider may be able to provide you with clever jar designs to enhance the charm and appeal of your customised packaging jars. Make sure you don't do anything wrong, as sometimes too many designs can make your jars look cluttered. Your design should be simple and harmonious, which will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your product cans.

Notify the customer
Your personalised candle container provides your customers with the same brand message as advertising and marketing. Companies are focusing more on advertising their brand through smart packaging as it may increase brand awareness more than paid campaigns.
Brands should provide all the necessary details about their product and company on the packaging. In order for customers to understand the language you have to put on the can and learn more about your company, it must be concise and clear. Educating your employees about your brand is essential to increase brand engagement and influence their purchasing decisions.

Stern packing
Care should be taken when handling candles so that they do not break or melt. The jars you choose to pack your candles in need to be very strong and resistant to damage. While using thin jars increases the risk of damage, warm weather can also increase the likelihood of melting candles.
Keep the jars high quality and ask your service provider to produce strong and durable jars for your goods. It will give it a decent look and provide security for your candles. Although premium candle containers cost more than lower quality jars, it is admirable that you do not sacrifice the quality of your product packaging.
You can package your product in a hard glass jar to your liking. Many companies use plain looking, eco-friendly jars for handmade candles. Simple things can sometimes work well for your brand; you don't always have to think about anxiety when designing your products.

Sales promotion
Most companies do not realise the importance of their product packaging to their sales. If your packaging is bad, you should refuse to let your brand get more attention. With more choice in the marketplace and higher expectations of brands, people are becoming more discerning about consumer products. In this competitive marketplace, it is essential that brands understand the impact that packaging can have on their image.
Even if a product is as well designed as any other brand in the market, it will always attract more buyers. Your overall sales depend on how well your stuff is packaged and designed. If you improve the style of your candle jars, your sales will change significantly.

Increase marketability
In addition, packaging exposes them to your brand. Packaging has a greater impact on branding and advertising than marketing. Your brand should be clearly communicated to your customers through your packaging, which should also clearly show them what you are selling. 
The simplicity of your brand message will help your customers decide whether to buy from you. To position your brand as a strong alternative to all your competitors, you must invest time and effort. Building a good reputation for your company's brand takes effort.

Making custom labels for candle jars

Below we explain how to create labels for candle jars and what information you should add to your customised candle labels.

Candle jar labelling information
Your name and company logo (if you have one), and the URL of your website . The space on the candle label is perfect for marketing.
Any substances, oils or ointments used in candle fragrances. Consider that some perfumes or synthetics, such as petroleum distillates or limonene used in candle manufacture, may cause sensory reactions or allergies in some people. For people with allergies, it is best to stick to a single scented perfume, such as a light rose scented candle.
The type of wax used. Similar to sensitivity to fragrances, some of the paraffin wax in candle wax or the lead in the wick may irritate or cause allergies.
The quality of the candle. If the customer is giving your candle as a gift, the weight will help in estimating the shipping costs.
Creation date and burning time. Customers will be curious as to how recently you created your products and how quickly they burn.
In addition, each candle should be marked with a warning or caution. In addition, it must include the recommendations of the National Candle Association. Instructions on how to burn the candles properly are also included. This will, without doubt, keep you in compliance with the law. Furthermore, it ensures that you go above and beyond to provide a pleasant and safe experience for your customers.
You don't have to worry about the appearance and design of your merchandise. Usually, warning labels are attached to a separate label or placed underneath the candle. They have the necessary information to inspire your customers in this way. As soon as you are sure that you want to use them, you can choose how to display them.

Working with Candle Jar Label Design
The most important factor in adding perceived value to a product is candle label design. Many candle manufacturers limit themselves as they do not feel they have the skills or equipment required for the label creation process. Working with a candle jar label design company is then the best and safest option. Sometimes a candle jar manufacturer can do the same thing for you.

Creating engraved candle jars
Your customers may be ordering wedding favours for their wedding, or you may wish to have each lid branded. For larger customer orders, laser engraving is a great option for custom glass candle jars. Use laser engraving to etch or engrave coated metal or wood lids to make your finished candles stand out.

Add candle jar label

Whether your candles are purchased in a shop or boutique, or mailed to individual customers from your online shop, adding a hangtag or complementing a custom candle label to the outer packaging can enhance the candle's appeal.
To provide a ready-made gift for your customers, attach a customised candle sticker to the candle itself or to the jar in which it is delivered. No packaging is required. In addition, it further enhances the brand awareness of your candle collection as customers will see it several times before lighting the candle.
Hangtags are available in many different sizes and designs. They are perfect for adding a playful touch to candle jars, bags and tins. Use a piece of coloured twine to wrap it directly around the candle container, or use the tag to decorate shop totes.
Large rectangular labels are another innovative way to mark and seal candle jars. Once the candle has been placed in the jar, simply attach a personalised wrap-around label to the outside of the jar.

Find a trusted manufacturer of bespoke candle jars
If you are a professional candle manufacturer, then you should also have a trusted manufacturer of bespoke candle containers. You can go to Aromapacking, a global leader in the production of glass bottles for the food, beverage and cosmetic industries, which has been successfully supplying professional glass packaging to companies large and small for over 14 years.
Thanks to our factory and sales office in Jiangsu, China, where we have developed a well-established glass packaging industrial park, Aromapacking offers cutting-edge processes and global industry coverage. We are passionate about what we do and constantly strive to provide quality, cutting edge and environmentally friendly glass packaging solutions to a variety of multinational companies.

The soothing and calming perfume of the scented candles creates a more peaceful and calming atmosphere. The pretty candles look lovely and are perfect for decorating the home. As well as brightening up a space, these candles have other uses.
The best decorating option is to place charming candles with a light fragrance on your dining table or reading sofa. Candle decoration is now very popular among homeowners and is an important aspect of interior design. Recognising the huge demand for candles in the market; many companies offer a selection of candles to their customers.
Most of the time, companies package their products in bespoke tins. This is a delicate product that needs to be stored properly as candles are known to melt at high temperatures. It is vital to use proper packaging to keep your candles safe and protected from any threats.
Make your company stand out with attractive and quality packaging. Customised candle jars can help you increase the value of your brand and attract more customers. Create a strong brand image for your product in the marketplace with creative packaging. Make your candle jars unique to promote your business and reach the widest possible audience. If you use high-end product tins, you may be able to outperform your competitors. You can contact Aromapacking for more information.

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