Why are glass jars better than plastic jars for holding spices?

Why are glass jars better than plastic jars for holding spices?

Why are Glass Jars better than Plastic Jars for Spices?
While the location of spice storage in the kitchen is an important part of good storage, the containers in which the spices are stored play a more important role in maintaining the quality of the spices. 
While other spices may come in glass storage jars, some spices come in plastic containers. Do you have questions about the differences between plastic and glass spice storage jars? This blog will discuss the advantages of using glass jars, the best container for spice storage spices. To learn more, read on.

6 Reasons Why Leading Companies Choose Glass Containers for Spices

Glass Jars Lock in Freshness
The main reason for choosing glass jars for storing spices is that they are airtight and help to keep them fresh. The best glass spice jars are able to preserve the aroma and flavour of the spices for about 24 months. 
For plastic jars, do not provide an airtight seal. This is because the porosity of plastic allows air to enter the jar, making it difficult to keep spices fresh.

Glass Jars can be Protected Against Moisture
When storing spices, it is important to ensure that the container is airtight and to prevent any contact of the contents with moisture or air. Since spices are hygroscopic, they will react with moisture in the air. Moisture in the air may cause some spice powder to appear on the cake. Spices lose their flavour when exposed to air as the volatile oils evaporate and disappear.
Moulds grow in moist environments, destroying the spices and producing mycotoxins, which may be genotoxic, carcinogenic or cause foodborne illness. The metal sealing lid and gas barrier properties of the spice glass jar protect the spice from the previously mentioned risks, thus extending the shelf life of the spice. Plastic jars do not provide an airlock mechanism for complete sealing.

Glass Jars are Safe and Free of Microplastic Toxins
For health and safety reasons, glass is the material of choice in the kitchen. Unfortunately, however, even heating BPA-free plastics can cause them to release harmful chemicals. Plastic containers can be difficult to put in the dishwasher because they tend to melt and warp. 
The best glass spice jars can safely store all types of spices without contaminating them. Glass is not porous; therefore, it will not absorb or release harmful substances or small particles when used.

Glass Jars Can Withstand High Temperatures
Plastic leeches in harsh temperatures. Plastic containers may become contaminated with tiny particles when heated or frozen. Every flavour, even powerful spices, can be ruined by the subtle taste of plastic.
Condiment glass containers are safe to use at high temperatures without melting or warping because their non-porous surface does not absorb plastic. Most glass food storage containers are designed to resist high temperatures without melting.

Glass Jars are Durable
Glass jars are made using a mixture of sustainable sources and natural substances, and a heating process is used to toughen the glass, increasing its strength and toughness. As a result, glass spice jars are relatively more durable and last longer. 
As for plastic jars, they suffer from wear and tear within a short period of time. Moreover, they are not durable and may get damaged after rough usage. Therefore, glass jars are the best spice containers as they can withstand regular use and are relatively hard.

Glass Jars Produced in a More Environmentally Friendly Way
The production of glass jars produces five times fewer greenhouse gas emissions than plastic jars and uses half the fossil fuels of plastic. Glass jars are made from natural, environmentally friendly materials that are in high supply. Plastic jars, however, are made from non-renewable materials that are quickly depleted. In addition, the production process of plastic jars leaves behind toxic substances. 
Therefore, the best glass spice jars are manufactured in a more environmentally friendly way compared to plastic jars. Small glass containers for spices remain a reliable and long-lasting option for food storage, while plastic is more likely to melt or discolour.

Some Tips for Commercial Spice Storage

Businesses need to store spices in large quantities and they need containers that can help them store them for a long period of time. Here are the factors that businesses need to consider when choosing vanilla glass jars and how to store spices for long periods of time.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Spice Container
Spices must always be stored in airtight containers so that they can remain fresh for a long time without any contamination. Below are tips to consider when choosing a glass jar for your herbs.
a.Glass jar capacity
b.Warehouse storage
c.Type of spice

Advice to Businesses on How to Store Spices for the Long Term
Spice deterioration is mainly caused by air and air humidity. Customisable spice glass jars are the best option for businesses to store spices without them spoiling. The following are tips that businesses can consider for long-term storage.
a. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight.
b. Keep spices away from heat sources.
c. Keep storage temperatures around 70°F.
d. Keep the environment dry.
e. Keep an eye on how long the spices have been stored.

Keep Your Products Fresh With Aromapacking Glass Spice Jars

For more than 30 years, Aromapacking has been supplying personalised glass packaging to both large and small companies and is the market leader in the production of glass bottles for the food and beverage industry. This is due to the company's extensive knowledge and experience.
For the best containers for storing spices, Aromapacking offers a wide selection of high-quality clear food-grade glass spice jars. When storing spices, it is important to consider the chemical inertness and non-reactivity of these glass jars. These glass spice jars are completely lead-free and non-toxic. Spice glass jars are available in various sizes and styles. 
Spice glass containers are available with a variety of airtight lids, caps and closures. Herbs stay fresher longer thanks to the airtight lids and caps.Aromapacking Glass jars are made of thick, high quality glass. Airtight, lead-free, BPA-free jars available.
Choose the colour, size, material, texture and closure to create the package of your dreams. Glass jar components can be designed to suit business needs, whether square and precise or round and curved. To promote their company, businesses can rename spice bottles. This is true whether they create labels to decorate the bottles or have labels made specifically for them.

Glass jars are the best containers for spices because they are durable, environmentally friendly, temperature resistant, keep spices fresh, and more. Companies can protect their brand when using glass for packaging. The company will continue to interact well with its customers. Additionally, individuals can recycle and reuse glass jars, which helps keep the environment clean. To meet the needs of businesses, Aromapacking offers a variety of glass containers to choose from. These bottles are made of scratch-resistant glass and meet FDA and other industry requirements. Contact Aromapacking to purchase glass spice jars in bulk.

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